Upcycled Plastic Waste – Photo Gallery

In additon to our business work, we started the Giving Back Project to voluntarily teach underprivileged children how to create Kites, Flowers and Purses from plastic waste.

Our projects and courses are focusing on *upcycling, teaching relevant skills and raising awareness of the environmental issues caused by the plastic waste pollution in the children’s communities.

“Learning Through Play” is how we work with children. Since children copy the behavior they see around them, we are trying to use that to affect change in a fun-filled, interactive way.



* Also known as creative reuse, upcycling is the process of transforming waste materials or unwanted products into new materials or products for better environmental value -wikipedia

Giving Back Project


Educating children on how to upcycle plastic waste into children’s Kites, Flowers and Purses.

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